Hey There!

A staunch computer hater, (I did my engineering in Information Technology by the way) it’s taken me quite a while to push myself to make this blog. I’ve always felt out of sync with the society around me, traditional where I ought to embrace modernism and outrageously liberal where conservatism abounds (or so I’m told). So I finally decided to do what any sane person would do, blog about it!

I’m going to be penning my thoughts on life in all its limitless diversity and boring consistency. I’ve always enjoyed writing, fashionable or not and so I think my biggest challenge in this journey is going to be embracing technology and being consistent about it.

For those like-minded fellow sufferers, I hope this blog gives you a sense of companionship as well as being a pleasant read. And as for the cutting edge modernists as well as anchors of tradition who stand firmly rooted in their ideals without a moment’s self-doubt or worry, you can still read my stuff, it’s free!