Wednesday’s child and other stories

Wednesday’s Child is about a four-year-old deaf-mute child, Caroline, who gets kidnapped. Fast paced and gripping, the story takes us on the journey of the parents’ and detectives’ quest to find the little girl, while also giving us chilling glimpses of Caroline’s struggle with a ruthless kidnapper…

An ordinary man concerned with share markets and multiplying his wealth transforms himself into “the Saint.” Why? What made him who he is today? A Random Act of Kindness gives us the answers to these fundamental questions, weaving a beautiful and poignant story on what matters most in this world.

Two people who are made for each other take a long time in realizing what was apparent to everyone else. Peter and Samantha’s story, Eternal Love is something we can all relate to and understand. Will they finally end up together?

Having children can take a toll on parents. But what about having a child diagnosed with a terminal illness? The Day After Tomorrow, however, takes a different perspective and looks at everything from the child’s point of view. A short story that is sweet with a funny twist at the very end.

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